Philip Mauro was the friend and lawyer of such men as Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell, the great inventors of their day. God gives different gifts to different men, and to Philip Mauro the famous Lawyer he gave a gifted mind. Although Philip Mauro is not well known today he has left a legacy of great Christian literature. To our knowledge this is the only Philip Mauro Book collection available on the internet. His writings on Prophecy are stunning. Books such as ‘The Gospel of the Kingdom (1928)’ and ‘The Seventy Weeks and the Great Tribulation (1923)’ should be required reading for anyone serious about studying God’s Word.

For many years Friedel Hansen looked for a copy of the booklet, The Titanic Catastrophe and Its Lessons, without success. Out of the blue and from an unexpected source he was able to locate it. It is now included in the Philip Mauro Library per kind favor of Günter Bäbler and the Swiss Titanic Society.

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End Times Prophecy

“It is greatly to be regretted that those who, in our day, give themselves to the study and exposition of prophecy, seem not to be aware of the immense significance of the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70, which was accompanied by the extinction of Jewish national existence, and the dispersion of the Jewish people among all the nations. The failure to recognize the significance of that event, and the vast amount of prophecy which it fulfilled, has been the cause of great confusion, for the necessary consequence of missing the past fulfillment of predicted events is to leave on our hands a mass of prophecies for which we must needs contrive fulfillments in the future. The harmful results are two fold; for first, we are thus deprived of the evidential value, and the support to the faith, of those remarkable fulfillments of prophecy which are so clearly presented to us in authentic contemporary histories; and second, our vision of things to come is greatly obscured and confused by the transference to the future of predicted events which, in fact, have already happened, and whereof complete records have been preserved for our information.” -Philip Mauro