Biography of Philip Mauro

Philip Mauro age 64

Philip Mauro loved the Lord Jesus Christ above all else and he loved the Scriptures just as much. (Read his biography by Gordon P. Gardiner, Champion of the Kingdom, online here!)
For me the most striking fact about him is that from the moment he was saved in 1903 at age 45, he never again consulted a doctor until his death at age 93 on April 7, 1952. He trusted only God for his health and physical well-being. That is an incredible testimony.
As he grew in stature as a believer, his views on certain subjects changed as he received more light and revelation from God. He chose to acknowledge his mistakes and to retract his opinions rather than to seek the approval of man by clinging to his previous position. He become a prolific writer, sharing the new light he had received. As a result, many friends turned against him, labeling his views “revolutionary” yet he remained undeterred.
With his motto, “Scripture interprets Scripture”, and a subsequent significant library of writings as his greatest legacy, Philip Mauro is the ideal Christian role model – a “simple soul” who took God at his Word and lived the Word.
Since discovering Philip Mauro probably around 2002/2003, I have been more and more fascinated by his love and understanding of the Word of God and the God of the Word. However, since I reside in Pretoria, South Africa, I naturally encountered several obstacles sourcing his writings. Fortunately, the internet wipes out distance and boundaries. Compiling the Library and putting up this website is however the culmination of several years of labor. When you download this CD containing the largest part of the The Philip Mauro Library you receive almost 60 manuscripts bundled together. The Collected Shorter Writings consists of 30 works, some very rare. –Friedel Hansen

 I discovered this rare photograph of Philip Mauro at age 64 pasted opposite the title page of a tattered leather-bound copy of Ruth The Satisfied Stranger. It is dated 2 July 1923 and was signed in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.