Collected Shorter Writings

I have been unable to establish the exact number of shorter writings by Philip Mauro and I doubt whether anyone will ever be able to do that. However, I estimate the total at approximately 80 although the number is probably much higher rather than less.

Some of the titles included in Collected Shorter Writings are still in print and a few have been floating around on the Internet. I opted for those titles that I believe best represent the views and convictions of Philip Mauro.

Dispensationalism Justifies the Crucifixion (1927) is an outstanding piece of writing, clearly by someone with a sound legal mind; Watch. Be Ready. (on the ten virgins) (1919) is as profound  and as simple as can be just as Shall We Smite with the Sword? (1917). Never Man Spake Like This Man (1923) is a profound masterpiece.

Some of these titles float around on the Internet and a few are in print. However, the majority were sourced at great expense. In the end we have a compilation representing  Philip Mauro, the young convert, to Philip Mauro, the elder Christian statesman.

Philip Mauro was ever thoughtful and his arguments lucid and well presented. You might not agree with him in everything he wrote but he was honest, candid and clear in writing as he did always. A few of these titles are classics in Christian literature.

Collected Shorter Writings

1. Publisher’s Preface
2. A Personal Testimony (1909)
3. The Truth about Evolution (1905)
4. God’s Way in Sickness (1907)
5. Eternal Relationships (1908)
6. The Present State of the Crops (1908)
7. Modern Philosophy (1909)
8. The Foundations of Faith (1908)
9. The Characteristics of the Age and Their Significance (1909)
10. The Christian’s Choice: Self-Life or Christ-Life. Which? (1910)
11. Concerning Spiritual Gifts (1910)
12. The Order of the Star in the East (1915)
13. Concerning Fellowship in Breaking Bread (1915)
14. Shall We Smite with the Sword? (1917)
15. Christ’s Entry into Jerusalem
16. The “Character” of Matthew’s Gospel (1919)
17. The House of God (1919)
18. Watch. Be Ready. (1919)
19. By What Means? (1919)
20. More Than a Prophet (1919)
21. Speaking in Tongues (1920)
22. The Sign of the Prophet Jonah (1923)
23. Paul and the Mystery (1923)
24. Never Man Spake Like This Man (1923)
25. Dispensationalism Justifies the Crucifixion (1927)
26. The Kingdom Heresies of S.D. Gordon (1930)
27. A Letter to a Dispensationalist (1933)
28. What is the Millennium of Revelation 20? (1944)
29. Things Pertaining to the Kingdom of God (1979)
30. Gog and Magog (1981)
31. The Prayer in Gethsemane (1981)