Rare and Out-of-Print Books

It is quite remarkable that Philip Mauro published his first book in 1905, only two years after his conversion and when he was already 47 years old. When he wrote his last book in 1936 at age 74 he had written 35 books (click on link to see 35 book list -those not included in this download are marked with an asterisk). Several books by Philip Mauro are still being printed today. They were not included in this set for a variety of valid reasons. I  encourage you to buy the books still being printed today by those publishers who have been faithfully doing so for many years. They have kept the legacy of Philip Mauro alive.

Every manuscript included on the CD (and download) were scanned from the first page and then typeset in modern style. All of these ebooks are in PDF format. Yet, what you get is a feel of the 1920s books, but with modern typographic principles built in. Amazing value for only 8¢ per book (including the Collected Shorter Writings)! Read this Extract from “God’s Present Kingdom”.

Book Manuscripts INCLUDED in this Download

1. Reason to Revelation (1905)
2. The World and Its God (1905)
3. Man’s Day (1908)
4. Life in the Word (1909)
5. The “Wretched Man” and His Deliverance (1910)
6. God’s Gospel and God’s Righteousness (Romans 1:1-5:11) (1910) -now compiled in #11
7. God’s Gift and Our Response (Romans 5:12-8:13) (1910) -now compiled in #11
8. God’s Love and God’s Children (Romans 8:14-16:27) (1910) -now compiled in #11
9. God’s Pilgrims (1912)
10. God’s Apostle and High Priest (1913)
11. Expository Readings in Romans (1913) (see 6, 7, and 8)
12. The Last Call to the Godly Remnant (1914)
13. Baptism (1914)
14. “After This”: or the Church, the Kingdom and the Glory (1918)
15. The Kingdom of Heaven: What is It? And When? And Where? (1918)
16. Bringing Back the King (1919)
17. A Kingdom Which Cannot Be Shaken (1919)
18. God’s Present Kingdom (1919)
19. Our Liberty in Christ: A Study in Galatians (1920)
20. Ruth, the Satisfied Stranger (1920)
21. Evolution at the Bar (1922)
22. James: The Epistle of Reality (1923)
23. The Seventy Weeks and the Great Tribulation (1923, and revised 1944)
25. How Long to the End? (1927)
26. The Gospel of the Kingdom (1928)
27. The Hope of Israel (1929)
28. The Church, the Churches and the Kingdom (1936)
29. Of Things Which Must Soon Come to Pass (1925)
30. The Number Of Man (1909)
31. Collected Shorter Writings by Philip Mauro (31 booklets)
Bonus 1 – Champion Of The Kingdom (Biography)
Bonus 2 – 430 Years
Bonus 3 – A Chronological Timeline of the Bible
Bonus 4 – Sickness Among the Children of God (1910)
Bonus 5 – Believing on the Son of God
Bonus 6 – The Titanic Catastrophe and Its Lessons (1912)